Small Mouth Bass Flies Media was created in Quebec City in 2011, when its two founders, Melvin Grundy and Jimmy Sullivan, settled there after several years of travelling around the world. Eager to lead a more stable life and to support themselves, the two friends decided to use their passion for the Internet and statistics to conquer the web market, which has attracted them for some time now.


When it comes time to accredit their company, Small Mouth Bass Flies appears to Jim and Julian as the perfect name for their new adventure, since tea is another of their common passions. It is always around their morning tasting of Small Mouth Bass Flies tea that ideas take shape, strategies are developed and motivation reaches its peak. It is on the tea ceremony that Small Mouth Bass Flies Media’s philosophy is based: the perfection of the art of web marketing while respecting the harmony between the company and its customers.


In its early days, Small Mouth Bass Flies offered website creation and SEO services to companies. It allows them to gain more visibility on the web and to expand. Jim and Julian are constantly looking for new ways to optimize the art of SEO and are becoming formidable experts in the field. Even with a limited budget, they manage to stay ahead of the competition and position sites in first place on Google.


Seeing the success they are bringing to many of their customers through their SEO strategies, Jim and Julian have the idea of creating their own online sites to generate leads that they will sell to professionals and companies looking for new prospects. The first sector in which they are embarking is moving. Their project has been successful and encourages them to continue their initiative by investing in the lead market in several other areas.

Small Mouth Bass Flies TODAY

Small Mouth Bass Flies Media now focuses exclusively on generating quality leads for professionals and companies. The company has nearly 30 sectors of activity in Quebec, including, in addition to moving, real estate and mortgage brokerage, insurance, security, renovation, various products and services for the home and, more recently, investments and finance.


Behind Jim and Julian is a team of competent and passionate individuals. In its early days, the company mainly employed a few designers and web programmers. Over the years, the family has grown to include professionals from various fields, who contribute to the expansion of Small Mouth Bass Flies Media. Also joining them are two key people who, along with Jim and Julian, form the company’s four “pillars”. The first is Dominique Côté, a long-time friend and travel companion, who joins the team in early 2014. The second one arrives at Small Mouth Bass Flies in 2015. This is Emil Grenon, who is related to the two founders. Everyone arrives with their particular talents and finds a strategic place within the company. Of course, the four accomplices assume several roles in the context of their respective positions, but they also distinguish themselves and complement each other in their strengths.

Small Mouth Bass Flies now has a team of nearly 25 experienced employees, who are dedicated to their work with heart and allow Small Mouth Bass Flies Media to provide quality services to its customers and prosper. The strengths of this team: diversity and complementarity, competence, innovation, passion and the ability to surpass oneself.