Most popular casino games

Most popular casino games

The calculation of the expected value for card games or slot machines is much more complicated, but simply because all possible game results must be considered and calculated. In Blackjack, all unknown cards and the dealer’s cards must be included. In Stadtbus-flensburg, you will find the exact expected winnings in the game instructions.

The most important trends and the development of casino games online
Internet casinos now look back on a 20-year history that began in 1994 when Microgaming released the first casino software. Since then, a lot has happened and new trends have fundamentally changed the world of online casinos.

Internet casinos – that’s how it all started

After the Internet had also conquered private households, it did not take long for gambling to find its way into the network of networks. In the beginning, however, everything was still very simple and not exactly secure. In addition to technical problems, Internet casinos had made headlines mainly due to fraud. Shortly after Microgaming launched the first casino software on the market, Cryptlogic secured at least the financial part with encrypted payments. But it quickly became clear that a regulation of casinos was needed to stop the uncontrolled fraud and so in 1994 the Directorate of Offshore Gaming in Antigua and Barbuda became the first regulatory authority for online gaming. In Europe, regulation only began after the EU’s freedom to provide services was implemented and EU-based casinos were able to offer their services throughout Europe.

Online casino games without download software

The first casinos all had to be downloaded and installed, and it took many years for the Flash-based games to establish themselves, allowing the game to be played directly in the browser. This had the advantage that the games were now compatible with all operating systems, because Apple and Linux systems continued to assert themselves. However, Flash had always had to struggle with various problems. One of them was the lack of performance, which unnecessarily increased the system requirements for the hardware. While this was even less critical at PC´s, it was very noticeable with mobile phones. There the battery was very quickly depleted due to the high processor load. But this problem could not be solved anymore, the development of Flash was too advanced for that. The only option for Adobe was to say goodbye to mobile devices. However, the new HTML standard version 5 had been developed years before. It now contains standards for displaying all multimedia content and will sooner or later completely replace browser plug-ins such as Flash. Even though the HTML5 standard has still not been completely adopted by the W3C, the provisional standard has already been implemented in almost all browsers. This means that the best casino games can already be played in HTML5 on mobile devices.

Best Casino Games On Cell Phone

Before the first iPhone came onto the market and changed it fundamentally, mobile phones already had a browser and the possibility for small executable programs. The App Store and the higher computing power of newer devices changed the whole world of mobile applications. Within a very short time, thousands of apps were available for download, but games of chance, like some other topics, were not welcome at Apple. But even with Google Play, native apps with games of chance for real money are still the exception. However, the HTML5 games were already developed for this purpose, with which the casino operators could easily circumvent the restrictions of the app stores and make the games accessible in the browser.

Online Casino Games with Live Dealer

Internet casinos have numerous advantages over land-based casinos. These have led to a decreasing influx of casinos. But the right atmosphere could only be experienced in real casinos, that was simply not possible in Internet casinos. With Vuetec 2002 however the first provider of live casino games came onto the market, which instead of a software with a random generator transmitted the live game from a real casino and at which one could participate from home. However, the quality of the video stream was still poor underground. At that time, the bandwidths that would allow HD streaming were not yet available. But also the game wasn’t really appealing yet, the cameras were mostly mounted somewhere on the ceiling and communication with the croupiers was impossible. From this problem developed the now widespread live games, which no longer take place in a casino, but are streamed from a studio. In these, everything has been optimized for transmission to the net – from cameras and gaming tables to larger cards. It is also now possible to send a message to the dealers and they will be able to answer you via a micro. The games will become much more lively and more fun.



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